Monday, 12 October 2009

Past bento

Holy crumbs, More than a month without an update! I could go into why, but I will leave that for a later post. It is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada and I have a lovely dinner planned that will keep me busy later but belly-happy. Instead of a whole turkey or even turkey joint for only the two of us, I am cooking a roast pork loin, which I will be blogging about in my next update.

Thanksgiving dinners often lead to leftovers for at least another day or two. How about packing some of them for lunch in a bento? Here are some bento made a while ago that I have not gotten round to putting up. To all Canadian readeres, Happy Thanksgiving!

This was made for lunch after we had roast beef for dinner the night before: coriander couscous, roast beef, asparagus, strawberries and grapes

Vegetable stir fry, cherry tomatoes, chicken rice, steamed chicken breast topped with spring onions and coriander dressing.

Inarizushi, cherry tomatoes, edamame, onigiri and cherries.

Roast chicken leg, cherry tomatoes, asparagus and sundried tomato couscous


denise said...

All so pretty!

RS said...

How interesting to come across your blog, in particular your background being so similar to mine.... grew up in Singapore... moved to London and lived there for 10 years before emigrating to Vancouver. Been here for 1 year now. Anyway, really like your recipes, I'm inspired to cook the kids something more interesting!!

noobcook said...

missed your updates! great looking bentos as always, I'm so inspired to make a bento for a picnic one of these days =)

kokostiletto said...

awesome !!!! i totally wish you could cook for me...

tigerfish said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I did not know Thanksgiving starts early in Canada.

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