Friday, 17 April 2009

After a break from food and bento

I had two wisdom teeth taken out last week, which killed any cooking or bento plans. I did make one or two bento for the husband but he mostly just bought his own lunch at work as I was really not in the mood to think about food very much. For the first two days, yogurt and cold tofu (no toppings, just a drizzle of soy sauce) were my friends, along with chocolate milk (which I didn't remember having since I was 8 or 9). It was almost exciting when I graduated to mashed carrots. Then it was on to (cooled down) soups, congee, stew and increasingly solid food.

I am recovering well and eating just about normal now. Case in point: we had buffulo steak two days ago, which I shall blog about in due course. But being off work for most of last week meant having lots to catch up on this week at work, thus the lack of attention to this food blog.

While I try to shuffle my priorities around, here are some bento made before my liquid/soft food diet:

This was made with some new pasta shapes that I bought. We had tuna and sundried tomatoes pasta salad, a bit of parsley garnish, sliced red peppers and skewers of grapes.


I pack sandwich bento about once or twice a week, mainly because they are so quick and easy, offers some variety from rice or pasta-based bento, and err because they are quick and easy. This bento had roast beef and cucumber sandwich (tilted up just for photo), skewers of grapes and cheese and cherry tomatoes underneath.


This lunch was basically more of what we had for dinner. Bread, selection of Swiss and Italian cheeses, grapes, cherry tomatoes and homemade vegetable soup. The soup was made following the same recipe as this minestrone soup except without meatballs or pasta shapes. Thank goodness for the cute flag picks to decorate an otherwise plain looking bento.


I also added chopped celery in with the diced carrot during the cooking process. I am trying to wean my husband on to celery... First by using them in making stock, and now by chopping them into small pieces in soups to render them not as visible or obvious. Perhaps one day I might actually be able to use them in a pie or even a stir fry... :p

This picture below shows my 'standard' rice-meat-veg bento: Baby bok choy in oyster sauce, ginger and spring onion pork, cherry tomatoes, and rice. Simple but delicious and filling.



VeggieGirl said...

Ahh sorry about your wisdom teeth :-( Hope you're 100% free of pain!!

Hooray!! You know how much I love the little animal containers :-)

Mrs Ergül said...

Take care Nilmandra!

I like the last bento! Very yummy-looking!

tigerfish said...

I love your bentos!
You know, I still can't find those Lock and Lock container with partitions/little containers in them. :(

Take care.

Arm70 said...

Lil Nil,

You poor thing! I was lucky when I had all 4 of mine out because it really wasn't that bad and I was eating almost right afterwards (refried beans, rice) and then solid foods the next day. I feel for you though.

Thanks for taking the time to upload your Bento pics from last week! I make them for my hubby and am always looking for inspiration.

noobcook said...

Hope you're 100% recovered by now. I underwent two surgeries to remove wisdom tooth on both sides... was a horrible ordeal for me but so glad I got it over with for life, hee. Glad you're back in action =)

sugarlens said...

I had my wisdom teeth taken out back in college. To my surprise, it was nearly pain-free and I ate solids pretty quickly. Hope you are well on your way to recovery!

Last last bento looks most delicious! I like the cherry tomatoes you have on top of the rice!

Justo said...

No cold oatmeal and beef for your wisdom teeth era? Shameful!

Bentos look yummy!

Ninette said...

Hope you feel better!

Nilmandra said...

Thanks for the kind comments! I am feeling all better now and getting back into cooking regularly again. Do check back for new recipes soon!

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