Monday, 12 January 2009

Bento backlog and no time to wax lyrical

I don't like to start an entry with lame excuses, moans and groans, but I feel that I should apologise to dear readers of this website for the disappointing lack of updates for the past week (well, the past couple of weeks, really). Things have been rather crazy at work and by the time I get home the last thing I want to do is to sit in front of the computer. Let's just say it was a rude awakening to realise, on my first day back in the office on the 5th of January, that I had less than 3 weeks to do a list of things before we leave for Singapore for the Chinese New Year festivities. I wished I have an extra week before we leave, ugh.

I still cook at home for dinners and pack lunches for AP and myself. But with so many things on my mind and particularly with the brother-in-law visiting this month, I have been going with tried-and-tested recipes that were mostly posted on this website already. It's not really the time to get too experimental! As for bento lunches, they too were nothing particularly new and I often just feel too tired or uninspired to take photos, edit and post them later. I will get myself back into the bento groove again in due course, but in the mean time, here are some of our last few lunches of 2009.

Roast chicken, cherry tomatoes, salad leaves, cous cous with parsley garnish.

Edamame, cherry tomatoes and ham and salad leaves in harvest grain bun.

Rice, black sesame seeds, french beans and carrot stir fry, nori wrapped chicken cakes.

Mushroom quiche on mixed salad leaves, with a container of dressing.

Thank you for your continued interest in Soy and Pepper, and I promise to return to more regular posting as soon as I can. I have some recipes waiting to be posted and the upcoming trip to Singapore and Hong Kong in February should also provide fresh material. If I don't reply to your comments or questions promptly, please know that they are read and appreciated and I hope you continue to enjoy food and cooking, even if one does not always have the time or energy to wax lyrical about them in writing or photos. In the words of Alton Brown on Iron Chef America, I bide you, "Good Eating".


VeggieGirl said...

So glad to see you posting again!! I always enjoy viewing your elegantly-presented bento meals :-)

Aunt LoLo said...

I'm jealous of your travel plans! Have a great new year!!!

sugarlens said...

Your bentos look delicious as usual.

Have fun in Singapore!

Alexx said...

The nori wrapped chicken cakes look delicious! Enjoy the travelling.

noobcook said...

Ooo you're coming back to Singapore! :D Enjoy your trip :)

Peter said...

I just found your blog and am already excited for your future posts. I actually live in tokyo and am starting to try to take bentos to work for lunch, so I'm looking forward to getting some inspiration here!

Nilmandra said...

Veggiegirl: Thanks :) I won't be packing many more bento before I go to Asia but I will be sure to update on my travel and culinary finds!

Aunt LoLo: Thanks, you too!

Sugarlens: Thanks, I am looking forward to it.

Alexx: The chicken cakes are really good, give it a try with minced turkey if that's what you've got in your local supermarket.

Noobcook: Yup yup, back soon! :)

Peter: Thanks for the kind comment. I hope you enjoy looking through the rest of the site: click on the bento category.

pixen said...

Wishing you happy new year with good health and prosperty (and more recipes LOL )

If you're in Singapore, visit the new Canele at 1 Scotts Road. I used to go there for their macarons and other desserts @ Paragon (this place was to far from my hotel then) but the new location is very close to Royal Scotts and Isetan, just around the corner.

Have nice trips!

Nilmandra said...

Pixen: Thanks for the tip, I'll make a note of that. Happy new year to you too!

diva said...

delicious looking bento! :) i've decided the credit crunch = homemade lunches. tried looking for some Hakoya bento boxes but it's tough looking for anything japanese in england so have got a friend in Japan to look for em...i'm jealous of your bento. can't wait to get em so i can start whipping up some cool lunches too ;) x

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