Saturday, 29 November 2008

Using up random bits of food for bento

I really liked how this one turned out, given that it was made entirely from random items in the fridge/freezer. I usually plan out our lunches (and dinners) but there are times when plans change. That is why I would often squirrel away random portions and items of food in the freezer so that I can always put something together.

Three mushroom rice, inarizushi, container of soy sauce, sugar snap peas and kimchi.

The mushroom rice freezes well, so it's just as well I always make a pot of it in the rice cooker. Freeze individual portions in airtight containers (up to a month) and reheat in the microwave (about 2 minutes on High, mixing halfway through) before packing them into the bento container.

Inarizushi were from a frozen stash as well. I always make a large batch and freeze the rest. Individually wrap them in plastic wrap and then place in a large ziplock bag and freeze. Reheat on a microwaveable plate about 1 minute on High. I had a large jar of kimchi (Korean pickled vegetables) in the fridge, so a bit of that went in. I didn't use up a pack of sugar snap peas earlier in the week so the handful of veg also went into the bento.
Bento is so good for using up random bits of food.

And here is a selection of other bento lunches for the past week or so:

Tuna pasta salad with sundried tomatoes and sweetcorn, and steamed asparagus tossed in extra virgin olive oil.

Yes, sandwiches belong in a bento too. This one had rosemary ham (from Granville Island Market), jarlsberg cheese, lettuce and cucumber in white bread, sliced peppers and a chocolate.

This was from extra chicken fajita that we had for dinner. The ingredients were packed separated to be assembled at lunch time. This Laptop Lunches container is pretty useful for bulky items like that, and the inner containers can be taken out and microwaved if necessary (like the fajita filling, which has a lid on it). This lunc contained sliced kiwi, chicken fajita filling, two flour tortilla wraps, and small container of sour cream.

Inarizushi, peppers, edamame, onigiri and container of soy sauce.


Heather said...

After all the turkey I've been eating, I could sure go for a little inari and onigiri.

For some reason, the Live Traffic Feed said I came from Vancouver, WA, but I swear I'm in Portland. Huh.

VeggieGirl said...

Such elegantly-arranged bentos, as always.

Marc @ NoRecipes said...

Your ability to churn out tasty looking bento boxes never ceases to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, your bentos look so cute and delicious!

Culinary Workshops said...

Bentos arrangement is looking great.

Thanks for posting

Selba said...

I like the way you put those little cute containers and also chocolate in the boxes :D

Food For Tots said...

Your bentos look so sumptious! Luv that little container of soy sauce! Soooo cuteeeeee!

Nilmandra said...

Heather: Heh, ok noted :) I never even knew that Canadian Thanksgiving is on a different date until a couple of months ago!

Veggiegirl: Thanks :)

Marc: I continue to amaze myself at the insistence on packing our own lunches even though some nights I just couldn't be bothered... Those would be the throw-stuff-into-a-box kind of lunches, heh.

Anon: Thanks for the compliment.

Culinary Workshops: Thanks for the comment!

Selba: The chocolate is a nice treat :)

Food for Tots: Puts a smile on our faces during lunch time :)

alexis said...

mmm this post is really making me hungry. thanks for sharing!

also-I think you can buy the CTRL ALT DELETE teacups at but their store is not working at the moment.

Nilmandra said...

Alexis: Thanks for the comment. Yeah I checked out but their store webpage is under construction. What a shame!

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