Wednesday, 17 September 2008

More bento attempts

I am currently stuck at home waiting for a delivery. Our boxes and belongings from the UK are being delivered today and since there is no time window stated, I have to be at home to receive the delivery for the entire business day. No biggie, except I am getting really antsy! *Twitch*

Here are some recent bento attempts with plain containers at hand. One was a cheese crusted bun with black forest ham and lettuce, and a side car of strawberries


This is AP's lunch for today: chicken teriyaki, french beans and carrots on top of coriander rice (hot rice that has been cooked in chicken stock, mixed with chopped up spring onions and coriander).

I wish the delivery would get here already... Books! CDs! Pictures! And I can't wait to see my bento 'hardware' again. *waitingwaitingwaiting*


Nate-n-Annie said...

that bento looks good! and it sounds delicious too.

We know all about waiting for stuff to arrive. Annie's mum's luggage got left in Singapore while she flew here. We waited 4 days until they got it to us! sheesh.

VeggieGirl said...


Hope your delivery gets to your home soon!!!

noobcook said...

hope you have received the delivery by now! ;) lovely bentos :D

Mrs Ergül said...

has it arrived? I just saw the new range of lock & lock at Giant IMM! They do cost a lot more than the white transparent ones, don't they?

Jags said...

I hate waiting for delivery guys!

your sammich looks really tasty!

and the strawberries are making me drool lol

i don't think there is anything wrong with using plain containers! Everything looks nice and looks really yummy too

APs lunch looks divine, i didn't notice it was a plain container until I looked a second time!

didally said...

I agree. The bento still looks lovely with a plain container. It's the food that attracts. OF cos, I love seeing the cute bento accessories as well. :)

elsye said...

but the bentou still looks yummy as usual :D...
I love that blue's really cute for bentou box

I'll try to make bentou for my self :D

Annika said...

The chicken lunch looks delish! Hope all your boxes have safely arrived - now for unpacking! :o)

retno said...

It looks so tempting, may I have the second box?

JT said...

Your bentos are really colourful and attractive and those accessories are so cute. It does tempt me to start making some. But won't the food taste cold or bad in those bento boxes which do not keep warm?

mycookinghut said...

I am sure you will get them soon!! Love the colour of teriyaki chicken!

vivari said...

the chicken teriyaki looks it easy to make?

Zoe said...

yoz...hope u'r busy unpacking or finished unpacking now! heh.

honestly......ur food doesn't need the bentos to look nice.

in fact they stand out so much more in plain ones! LOL!


it's just NICE to have nice accessories, ain't it?

*big smiles*

Nilmandra said...

Nate-n-Annie: 4 days!! That's way too long! I had my luggage delayed once with Emirates (missed my connecting flight) and it was delivered to the stated UK address on the next day 24 hours later.

VeggieGirl: We've got our things now, hurray!

Noobcook: Yup they did :)

Mrs Ergul: Really? I personally prefer the transparent ones. These blue ones were on offer and I just bought them because I needed some containers. There were green ones too but I thought the blue was nicer.

Jags: Thanks, it very kind of you to say so :)

Didally: Yeah it's the food that's most important, but I love the cute additions too.

Elsye: I prefer the transparent Lock n Lock, but hey these were on offer so I have no complaints!

Annika: Thanks, they are all in the house now! And we even managed to unpack everything in one evening, heh. Some of the pictures didn't survive though, the glass broke, but the pictures were still ok. And a couple of bowls broke.

Retno: Not sure it will survive being posted ;)

JT: Traditional Japanese bento are mostly eaten at room temperature so the food actually taste fine. Of course I wouldn't pack food that is too moist or items that are not thoroughly cooked especially if it's warm weather. We eat our bento mostly cold (kept in fridge at work) or at room temperature. We have access to microwave at work now, so some of them are warmed up prior to eating.

My Cooking Hut: Thanks!

Vivari: The chicken teriyaki is really simple. Just marinate in soy sauce, sake, mirin and sugar and then pan fry. I will write a proper recipe for it and post it soon.

Zoe: Heh thanks. I don't do super-cute bento but I do like the touch of accessories :)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

That teriyaki glaze looks sensational!

Alexx said...

That chicken looks just delicious - my mouth is watering!
And I know exactly what you mean about waiting for delivery people - I hate it so much! Hope the package turned up at a decent time!

Nilmandra said...

Susan: Thanks, I'll be sure to post the recipe soon.

Alexx: Delivery turned up right at the end of the day, typical! But I was just too happy to see our things again to mind too much.

Anonymous said...


can the food whilst still in the bento box be warmed in a microwave?? Are there microwavable bento boxes??

Stunning pics :) keep it up!!

exhausted said...

are the bento boxes microwaveable?
what happens if you want the food hot??

Stunning pics :)

Nilmandra said...

Exhuasted: You can microwave your food as long as the containers are microwave safe. Most Japanese traditional bento are eaten at room temperature and most Japanese bento boxes are not microwave-safe (unless stated safe for microwave). I tend to pack my food in Lock&Lock containers if I want to microwave them. Check out this post for a list of the containers I use.

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