Sunday, 28 September 2008

CLICK and DMBLGIT September

I have not been keeping up with blog events and competitions for a while with the moving hassle. Two of my favourite regular blog events are CLICK, hosted by Jubalbandi, and Does My Blog Look Good In This? (DMBLGIT), which is hosted by a different foodie each month. Both of these are photo contests. DMBLGIT is about food photography in general and highlights the best photos on food blogs for each month. CLICK is more specific in having a monthly theme (e.g. eggs, flour, berries, yellow) and judged according to certain criteria and categories. Now that I am more or less back to regular blogging, it's time to dip my toes back into the blog event circuit again. I am pleased to offer the following two photos for the above mentioned events.

The CLICK theme for September 2008 is 'crust'. Rather than choosing a bready or floury product (e.g. crusty bread, pie crust), I remembered the deliciously crispy cheese crust on my chicken and salami baked penne and thought that would make an interesting entry:

cheese crust
(CLICK: September 2008 - Crust)

It was tough selecting an entry for DMBLGIT since I did so little blogging in the month of August. In the end, I went for this photo of an okonomiyaki taken at the Powell Street Festival. There wasn't any fancy setup or props involved, just a plate balanced on AP's hand in the middle of a busy food market (and with AP wondering when could he start eating!)


If you love beautiful food photography, like me, you will enjoy looking through the submissions to the above blog events. Click on the links and browse through the droolicious photos. You might just be inspired to submit one of your own, before the deadline of September 30th.


noobcook said...

Always love your photography... good luck! :D

Alexx said...

Your photos are fantastic, good luck with the competition!

daphne said...

U certainly have an eye for details!

Gosh, I missed quite a few posts.. the stew one is certainly one that I'm taking a deeper look! I think it will be good to freeze.

SweetBites said...

wow superb photos! and hope u do well in the competition.

Nilmandra said...

Thanks for the kind remarks. I doubt I'll win anything with the talented bloggers and photographers out there but it's a good bit of fun and nice to take part again.

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