Saturday, 16 August 2008

Bento photo contest


Not Exactly Bento has announced a bento photo contest as an opportunity for people to to share what they feel is their most visually appealing bento. The rule is that there should be no cute character bento (kyaraben), whic is fine by me since my talents do not extend to that. The goal is to highlight everyday, practical bento that most people can put together with available ingredients.

Although I am currently on a bento hiatus, this contest let me looked through my archive of bento made and eaten and it is quite fun to look at them with a critical eye again and think about what made them visually appealing or successful. Up to two entries can be posted and after deliberating between a few, I have chosen the following two for their balanced food groups, visual appeal and ease of preparation:

The first is a bacon and cheese quiche on a bed of salad leaves, with strawberries, cherries and piggy container of salad dressing.

The second bento held triagular and cylindrical onigiri, edamame, panda container of soy sauce, cocktail sausages on sticks, and cherry tomatoes.

There is still time to submit yours, until August 22, with bento goodies to be won. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the other entries.


VeggieGirl said...

Oooh, what a fun contest!!

Love the piggy and panda containers!! :0)

noble pig said...

I hope you win, my fav is the second one.

I heart cupcakes said...

I love those containers! And your food looks awesome too!

I must get a panda container - going to search for one now :)

SteamyKitchen said...

I need to start learning about bento! Andrew just started Kindergarten and I'd love to make him some really healthy and pretty lunches for school.

noobcook said...

I think you make the best bentos ever and you're such a huge source of inspiration. I'm rooting for you!

Maya said...

These bento lunches are too cute! I have to stop by at Mitsuwa to get one for my lunches.
Hope your move went well!

Zita said...

Saw It on FG, love those tiny cute soya sauce bottles, lovely bentos both of them

Aunt T said...

These bentos look delicious! And I agree, the bottles are so cute! I'd love to know where to get them.

Lore said...

Awe, look at those cute sauce bottles! Will you excuse me for a moment?..that quiche is calling my name :P

Nilmandra said...

Veggiegirl: Those are my favourite containers too.

I heart cupcakes: The panda container comes in a pack of animal heads e.g. lion, chick, bunny, elephant.

Steamy Kichen: Bento is great for kids. Lunch in a Box is very inspiring for kids bento. I'm sure Andrew would be the envy of his class :)

Noobcook: Aww, thanks!

Maya: Lucky you to have a Mitsuwa nearby!

Thanks, Zita.

Aunt T: They are from 100-yen stores in Japan (like dollar shops, or Daiso) and mostly available on eBay shops. Search for 'bento sauce bottles'.

Lore: I've not had a quiche for a while now... I feel like having a mushroom or spinach one yum...

tastymealsathome said...

Cute cute bentos!!

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