Friday, 18 July 2008

Farewell party

We had a farewell party last Saturday at home. It was meant to be a BBQ but the great English summer had been so dreary that we had to change to indoor plans instead and ended up with an afternoon tea party followed by a dinner buffet spread (from 4 to 10pm). It was great to meet up with some friends (even though many could not make it and we will be meeting up in the course of the next two weeks) for a good party before we leave and I'm glad that everyone had a good time. Much of the time was spent playing on the Nintendo Wii, especially four players on Mario Kart.

Apart from food, there were plenty of household items involved in the party. We laid out all the books, CDs, clothes and other odds and ends that we are getting rid out all over our dining room. They were going to charity shops anyway so we reckon might as well let friends have first dips. It was pretty impressive how much disappeared. I think we only had about 20 per cent left at the end of the evening!


Seeing all that made us realise how much stuff we had (and could live without)...

Afternoon tea:

Banana bread
Raspberry and white chocolate muffins (following this recipe, just with raspberries and white chocolate bits)
Jaffa cakes
Custard cream
Cadbury Roses and Heroes chocolates
Tea, coffee, Ribena, lemonade



Vegetarian rice vermicelli (fried bee hoon to some of us)
Potato and egg salad
Cocktail sausages and pineapple canapes
Mini quiches
Mini sausage rolls
Mini scotch eggs
Cherry tomatoes
Veggie sticks
White and wholemeal pita
Lemon and coriander hummus
Roasted vegetables hummus
Sour cream and chive dip
Cheese and onion dip
Cheese board - Strongest, applewood smoked, Brie, Stripey Jack and Tintern
Banoffee pie
Carrot cake
Smarties chocolate cake
Fresh strawberries and cream
Selection of wine, lemonade and squash



People were asked told that food is not required but if they would like to bring something, to bring dessert and drinks that they would like. There were quite a number of cakes and puddings, one of which was rather special. Some of them put in money together and bought us a pretty awesome cake. Isn't it grand to have friends who know what would knock your (well, mainly the husband's!) socks off?


Annie & Nate said...

That is one heck of a spread!

Good thing you were able to get rid of so much. It's true, we really can get by without so much stuff.

VeggieGirl said...

Such a lovely farewell party!! And what a delicious menu!!

noble pig said...

I am all about this lovely!

noobcook said...

What a lovely, wonderful farewell party! I have a DS too and I totally love the cake! :P

didally said...

Wow, I'm a Nintendo DS fan too, Love the cake!

What a nice farewell party. You prepared all the food yourself?

Marc @ NoRecipes said...

Nice spread. That DS cake is awesome:-)

Cindy. Lo. said...

What a cute cake!

eula said...

WOW that is a lot of good food right there. Your friends are so lucky! And that cake is impressive. Beautiful.

Maggie said...

I love the cake and all the food looks great. I'm moving soon and will have to try your idea. I usually go around asking people individually if they want anything I'm giving away but incorporating it into a farewell party is genius!

em-huong said...

omg I want a cake like that >.<

Mrs Ergül said...

What an adorable cake! It's heart-warming to have a nice farewell party to bid goodbye to friends. All the best to your moving!

Btw, great shawl you have (the one beside the dress)

Annika said...

Apart from me being immensely jealous that you get to move to Vancouver, I have also just postponed my bedtime and spent a good hour on Ebay, browsing all things bento. What do you use the dripper for that comes with some of the little bottles? Anyway, thanks to Tastespotting, for linking to this interesting blog and kudos to you for making two packed lunches every day! All the best for your move!

Antonia said...

Very best of luck with the move!

Nilmandra said...

Thank for the kind comments! It was a lovely party and we really enjoyed it. And yes, that cake was most awesome!

Didally: I cooked/baked some of them and the rest were store bought.

Maggie: I did ask specific people if they would like some stuff if I thought there were specific items they might like. Otherwise, a party like that is the way to go for getting rid of stuff quickly!

Mrs Ergul: I think I bought that shawl in Singapore! Just not used it much so I gave it away; might as well let someone else enjoy using it :)

Annika: Haha, join the e-Bay club of bento-hunting... The little droppers are used to fill the sauce bottles. You use it to 'suck up' soy sauce or other liquids and then drop them into the bottles. I just use the same suction method using the bottles themselves. Thanks for the encouraging words and I hope you have fun bento-ing!

Annika said...

About the drippers: That makes sense. Should have figured it out myself, as I was wondering how you would fill the teeny bottles up. Thanks so much for your reply!
I think I'm gonna head down to the Japan Centre now, to check out what they have on offer and to get some sushi lunch (because, as most days, I have not managed to pack anything today!) :o)

daphne said...

awesome range of food from the looks of it. That is a spread!! Hope u r settling in if u hv moved? =)

Nilmandra said...

Daphne: We are in Vancouver now. It's only been a week and there are lots of things to get done, but we are enjoying ourselves here :)

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