Wednesday, 9 July 2008

"Erm, I'm sure I didn't spend that much on groceries..."

One habit that I picked up from my mum is to always check my receipt after paying at the supermarket. I have found, on occasions, that discounts or promotions were not always taken off, and there was even once when I've had an item that wasn't paid for because the barcode did not register. Actually I had more problems trying to pay for that one uncharged item than claiming for all other overcharged ones, but that's another story.

Today, I didn't need to scan through my receipt after clearing check-out to note that something wasn't quite right. When I was still at the till, the amount payable came up to £66.49. I was pretty certain that I could not have bought £66 worth of groceries in two small shopping bags (and no, they were not full of bottles of champagne!). The supervisor came round and immediately spotted the problem:

How much??

Yes, dear readers, those were the most expensive English muffins ever! All four of them. I got my money back immediately and it was rather amusing. But that justified my 'scanning-through-the-receipt' habit, if anyone ever asked!

In other news, I was just informed by Michelle from The Greedy Gourmet that my Simmered Hijiki Seaweed with Edamame (Hijiki Nomono) has won the second prize in the SnackShots blog event for salads! That was such a pleasant surprise. My thanks to the judges and Michelle. Do hope on over to see the beautiful range of salads that other bloggers have come up with for SnackShots #4: Salad, and check out the next event - Snackshots #5: Meringue.



noble pig said...

That's crazy but it happens so often!

Congrats on winning, that's terrific.

VeggieGirl said...

Haha, no worries - happens to me too :0)


sharon said...

I've gotten in a habit of checking my receipts because I almost always find something wrong. If I'm already at home, its usually not worth it to go back. One time, a restaurant charged me $1,415 for a $14.15 dinner. WHOOPS!

mycookinghut said...

I do scan my receipt after shopping. I usually use the self-service so I check everything on the screen before I put them in the bag. I think it's a good practice to avoid being ripped off :)
Congratulations on the award!

Nilmandra said...

Noble pig: Thankfully not that often!

Veggiegirl: Thanks :)

Sharon: Okaaaay, you win! Although one wonders why the server didn't notice that your table didn't order anywhere near that amount!

My Cooking Hut: It's usually a genuine error, although still annoying if you've been charged more than you should and you didn't notice till too late!

Mrs Ergül said...

This is good practice! I'm more diligent with checking my receipts ever since I met my husband. And a long long time ago, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves charged me S$30 over for a cup of ice blended coffee. And I found out only when I was scanning thru' my transactions after I updated my passbook. Thankfully I noticed, if not that cup of coffee is really dear!

noobcook said...

Congrats on your win!! ^^

The groceries in UK are sure expensive, especially when they're in pounds =O About error in billing, we once got billed for a dish twice when eating at a Japanese restaurant, so we're reminded that mistakes do happen and we must check =P

didally said...

That was a really nice photo, congrats.

Gosh, really expensive muffins!! I do not check my receipt all the time unless the grand total exceeds my estimated calculation.

daphne said...

wow! I'm with u on checking receipts from now on!

Lizzie said...

I'm almost obsessive in reading and keeping all my receipts, my wallet is fat with them... now if only they'd turn into money!

tigerfish said...

Congrats on the win!

WOOT!......really expensive muffins! I try to check thru the receipts if I can remember. Usually, I want to make sure discounts (sale items) are all in. You know, sometimes, they do not update sale/promo items at their cashier databases though tag/labels states so.

kittie said...

Congrats on the win - that's fantastic!!

Lol - and that's for the reminder to scan my receipt - though I hope if my bill was that much over I'd spot it anyway!!!

kittie said...

ooops - I meant "thanks" for the reminder!

Nilmandra said...

Mrs Ergul: Indeed, but then I find those coffee pretty expensive anyway, they add up!

Noobcook: It's not so bad I guess if you're earning in pounds and spending in pounds. If you mentally convert to S$ all the time you won't eat anything! :)

Didally: Thanks :) And yeah, this time it was blatantly obvious something wasn't right!

Daphne: Definitely a good habit.

Lizzie: Heh, I have that problem too. Need to empty them more often...

Tigerfish: Exactly! That's what I usually check for, the discount items.

Kittie: Thanks :) Yeah, how would one miss an error like that, huh?

Michelle said...

It's a good habit to get into, especially since it happened to me recently. £25 for 2kg of cubed stewing lamb! Ouch, that hurt. :-(

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