Sunday, 1 June 2008

Picnic bento, amongst others

AP and I went for a picnic in Wollaton Park yesterday, taking advantage of what was just about the best weather this past week. I packed us a picnic bento in a multi-tiered jyubako box. There are three tiers in that container but I only used two. It was a blend of Japanese food and English produce in season.


The top tier had inarizushi, grilled English asparagus, mini scotch eggs and the first English strawberries that I've bought this season. They were small, bright red and packed full of flavour.

Bottom tier had onigiri with salmon furikake, cherry tomatoes, more mini scotch eggs and containers of soy sauce.

This picnic lunch has been submitted to the Wholesome Lunchbox event held on the 15th of each month by Coffee & Vanilla.

I didn't pack many bento this past week with different things coming up in our work schedules. But there is one made from some leftover Kung Pow chicken on rice, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and sweetcorn on the side. Packed in my trusty Lock & Lock container.

This one is for AP tomorrow, packed in a Laptop Lunches container. Leftover chicken fajitas from dinner tonight (a lid goes on top after the photo), a tomato salsa tortilla wrap, and grapes and strawberries. I forgot the sour cream and we had to do without. Boo.


ShopLittleGifts said...

gorgeous! love the mini soy sauce holders. i've been growing my own strawberries out here in california and they are just ripe as well :) must have been a fun picnic.

VeggieGirl said...

What fabulous picnic bento lunches! The little animal containers are too cute :0)

didally said...

It's fun to have picnic with such yummy bento lunches!

Lizzie said...

They look beautiful!

noobcook said...

Wow your picnic bentos look so healthy, wholesome and DELICIOUS! I love the inarizushi you made, they looked so professional, just like those sold outside ^^

mycookinghut said...


Sharon said...

What amazing looking lunches! I've been trying to jazz up the lunches I pack for my husband. Do the tortillas get soggy when you pack things like the fajita?

Indigo said...

I don't think I've ever told you that I love your bento to bits; for the first time I made a load of onigiri the other day and froze them to put into lunches (I've just started a new job, which calls for a packed tea sometimes). Thanks for the ideas!

Nilmandra said...

Shop Little Gifts: Nothing beats strawberries in season :)

Veggiegirl: Thanks. I forgot to use my animal head picks on the scotch eggs though, duh!

Didally: BBQs and picnics are often last minute activities in this country. There's no knowing when the sun will be out!

Thanks, Lizzie! I was pleased with how it came together.

Noobcook: Aaah... you didn't notice I hid one which had a tear in the inari pouch ;) I was being clumsy when filling it and tore the tofu pouch a little, heh. Good thing the rice was so sticky and stuck everything together.

My Cooking Hut: Thanks! It was a nice picnic :)

Sharon: The tortilla was left as is, to be assembled with the filling just before eating so it didn't get soggy. And it didn't get soggy just on its own. But if I do tortilla wraps with lettuce and salad leaves and then add the filling, the leaves acts as a barrier so any chicken mayo or other filling doesn't make it soggy anyway. Love the picture in your user icon btw!

Indigo: That's really nice to hear, thanks for that :) Frozen onigiri is such a life-saver for quick bento packing! Although AP has commented that fresh ones (that I made for the picnic) tastes slightly better than the frozen ones (that I pack for his lunches) :p Ah well, it's worth it for the convenience.

Coffee & Vanilla said...

Beautiful, thank you for your entry Nilmandra, I love it.

Elsye said...

woowww...those bentous make me drolling..:D beautifull bentou indeed ..and healthy !!

btw, thankss for dropping by my blog.. and put some nice comment :D

Nilmandra said...

Margot: Glad to make it for this month.

Elsye: A pleasure to visit your blog!

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