Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Bento of wraps, rice and salads

These are some bento lunches from last week. The following two lunches used up the last of the tortilla wraps that we had leftover from dinner. AP had a ham and cheese wrap (honey roast ham and Brie), mixed leaf salad with piggy container of sundried tomato oil, and strawberries. The little picks helped to secure the wraps in transit.


My lunch was similar except with some mango cheddar and a dark chocolate truffle. I love Lindt's chocolate truffles. I bought some of the dark chocolate ones to try them out. They are lovely and intense but I think I still prefer the milk chocolate ones (with red wrappers), which are to die for. This lunch is submitted to the Wholesome Lunchbox event held on the 15th of each month by Coffee & Vanilla, along with my picnic bento from a couple of weeks ago.

This was for AP, when I was working from home. Rice with salmon furikake, gyoza, meatballs, cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas.

And this was for me, when AP had lunch provided at work: peppers and onion quiche on a bed of salad leaves and cherry tomatoes. Oil and vinegar dresssing in the cucumber container.


VeggieGirl said...

The piggy container, animal picks, and pickle container are just TOO CUTE!! Yes, I'm easily amused, haha ;0)

noble pig said...

These lunches make me so smiley.

Jules said...

I love my bento lunches. I have the same Laptop Lunchbox as you.

If your ever near a Selfridges or Whittards shop pop in as they have the whole range of Lindt truffles. The mint one is lovely.

Mrs Ergül said...

You have such adorable bento accessories! By the way, is it hard to clean the containers you use for sauces and olive oil?

And I'm sure your hubby loves you and must be so proud of you!

Marc @ NoRecipes said...

You never cease to amaze me with your various bento goodies.

Mrs Ergül said...

And I forgot to tell you! I've tagged you! ;)

didally said...

I love wraps, they are easy to prepare. Just wondering how do you manage to pour your sauces into the tiny container? I will probably have most of the liquid flow out of the bottle.

Nilmandra said...

Veggiegirl: It's ok, I'm easily amused too ;)

Noble Pig: They make us smiley too :)

Jules: Not gone into Selfridge's (I think the nearest to us is Birmingham). But we did pop into a local Whittard's and AP bought some mint, raspberry and orange ones. I've never seen those flavours in supermarkets and other shops.

Mrs Ergül: Thanks! The containers are not difficult to clean. Just use the suction method to squeeze the bottles, suck up soapy water and shake around; rinse, repeat, etc. Thanks for the tag, I'll pop over to your blog.

Marc: Thanks!

Didally: I squeeze the containers to get air out, maintain my grip and dip the mouth of the containers into a dish of dressing/soy sauce and release. That would suck the liquid in.

Coffee & Vanilla said...

Wow, this one looks even more delicious! Thank you once again, Margot

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