Thursday, 8 May 2008

Tray baked salmon with green beans

I love one-dish meals especially on weekdays. Whether it's a stirfry, a casserole (in a slow cooker that I could put on in the morning) or a tray baked dish, it usually involves minimal time preparing or cooking and less washing up too.

It's gorgeous in the middle of spring with so many flowers in bloom, and it's also gorgeous in the supermarkets, grocers and farmers markets with the variety of spring vegetables and produce on offer. I've been binging on asparagus and new potatoes in particular, both of which are great for this tray baked salmon dish. This recipe (from Jamie's Dinners) called for dill but you can use any herbs that you have on hand, such as thyme or basil. And any seasonal spring or summer vegetables could be used, for example green beans, runner beans, podded peas, sugar snap peas and asparagus.

Tray baked salmon with green beans

(Serves 2)

2 skin-on salmon fillets
8-10 new potatoes, scrubbed
Salt and pepper
Large handful of green beans
Small handful of cherry tomatoes
20g butter
Extra virgin olive oil
1 lemon, juice and zest
Handful of thyme

1. Preheat the oven to 230C/gas 8. Cook the new potatoes in boiling water for 10 minutes until just tender and nearly cooked, then add the green beans and cook for a further 4 minutes.
2. Drain the potatoes and green beans and place in a large roasting dish, along with the cherry tomatoes. Drizzle over some extra virgin olive oil and add the butter. Season with salt and pepper and lemon juice and mix lightly, allowing the flavours to infuse with the heat.
3. Score the skin side of the salmon fillets lightly. Season with salt and pepper and place on top of the potatoes and veg skin side up. Scatter the herbs all over the dish and stuff remaining into the slits of the salmon fillets. Grate the lemon zest all over the dish and pop into the oven.
4. Cook for 10-15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fillets. The skin should be just crisp but do not overcook the salmon. Dish out or serve the entire platter at the dining table and let everyone help themselves to a fillet each and some potatoes, tomatoes and green beans. Don't forget the juices at the bottom of the pan.

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Hallie Fae said...

Such a yummy recipe, its great that you can substitute any herbs or veggies that are in season or you have on hand. Looks really good.

daphne said...

What a great recipe. Light and easy as well. Love salmon! Such a flavoursome fish!

VeggieGirl said...

I couldn't agree more - one-dish meals are LIFESAVERS during the week, with busy schedules.

Great submission for Bookmarked Recipes!!

didally said...

This is perfect to whip up when I'm busy. I love salmon cooked in any way, and raw.

Julia said...

I've seen this recipe but not tried it. It looks fabulous. You're so right about there being so much on offer right now, I'm loving it!

noobcook said...

this yummy one-dish-meal looks like u need a lot of time to prepare, but it's actually easier. Yum Yum!

noble pig said...

It looks lovely. Perfect for the current Spring weather.

Kevin said...

That looks like a tasty one dish meal.

tigerfish said...

That's very healthy! I'm a sucker for one-dish meals too :)

Nilmandra said...

Hallie Fae: Yes, that's what I like about it too.

Daphne: And no fear of undercooking salmon :)

Veggiegirl: Definitely!

Didally: I'm not that keen on raw salmon myself, but smoked... Mmmmmm... :D

Julia: Definitely a lot more choice now. It's more than just carrots and broccoli with the Sunday roast!

Noobcook: Great for a dinner party too. Just throw everything in and then go have fun with the guests :)

Noble pig: Indeed. It's nicely baked in the oven but still taste light for the warmer weather.

Kevin: Thanks! It was delicious.

Tigerfish: I guess it's quite balanced for a meal, and I try to cook fish and seafood twice a week.

Ruth Elkin said...

Hey Nilmandra, this is so beautiful! Looks like a great dish and like there was so much more work involved too! Great weeknight dish! And great bookmarked recipe! Thanks for getting involved again!

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