Thursday, 15 May 2008

Inarizushi, cold soba and sandwich bento

We had roast pork on Sunday that that meant another leftover roast bento. Monday's lunch for us was roast pork, green beans, cherry tomatoes and cous cous. I could have cooked more potatoes for dinner and turned them into potato salad but I thought cous cous dressed with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil would be healthier compared to the lashings of mayo.


This was AP's lunch on Tuesday. Top tier: Cod fish cakes, edamame, piggy container with sweet chilli sauce (for fishcakes) and lion container with soy sauce (for inarizushi and onigiri). Bottom tier: Inarizushi, onigiri, cherry tomatoes and edamame. The cod fishcakes were store bought and heated up in the oven in the morning. I had some inari pouches in the freezer which I defrosted overnight and then stuffed with rice cooked in the morning.


This was my lunch. Top tier: Cod fish cakes, edamame, cherry tomato and container of soy sauce. Bottom tier: Inarizushi, cherry tomatoes, edamame an container of Kewpie mayo (for fishcakes).


Lunch just for myself yesterday, made in the morning. Teriyaki beef with green beans, cold soba noodles and spring onions on the top lid to be added to soba dipping sauce (packed in a separate airtight container). Recipe for the cold soba and dipping sauce is in a previous post.




VeggieGirl said...

Ahh, the pig and lion containers are TOO CUTE!!! And I love your bento box!

didally said...

The animal containers are really cute! I love roast pork. :)

mycookinghut said...

You know what... your teriyaki beef with green beans looks delish!!

noble pig said...

That pig and lion make me smile everytime.

ShopLittleGifts said...

Love your bento boxes. They are so cute. Cous Cous is definitly unusual - looks delish and healthy along with the edamame. Cod fish cakes - hmmm... never made those. But I'm guessing they are very yummy. I don't have time to make lunch boxes - but I normally do make fruit boxes - today's box: strawberries, cherries and watermelon :)

Kevin said...

Nice looking bentos. I really like the teriyaki beef with green beans one.

John said...

where do you get your bento boxes?

noobcook said...

adorableness! XD I just bought the animal containers from daiso... too pretty to resist, keke...

Beachlover said...

you have the cutes bento box!! I never see so many posting wt bento box,quite refreshing!!.Love it..and you make me wanna to look for Bento Box!lol!

tigerfish said...

I am sooo jealous! I don't like the feeling of visiting your blog, see those lovely bento (the "contents" and the box itself) and leave your blog, knowing I won't be making even the basic anytime sooner!
For sale?

Nilmandra said...

Veggiegirl: Thanks! I do love those sauce containers. Useful and oh-so-cute :)

Didally: I think so too! Actually I prefer roast beef or chicken to pork, but one needs variety ;)

My Cooking Hut: Actually I think I overcooked the beef lol... No choice, have to cook meat well when they are carried around at room temperature for hours.

Noble Pig: Me too :) And I hope it does the same to the hubby.

Shop Little Gifts: Thanks for the comment. Fruit boxes are great! Avoids trips to the office vending machine, heh.

Kevin: That does seem to be most people's favourite!

John: The ones in this post were bought from eBay sellers that specialise in bento gear. I think I will write an article about that soon, since many people have been asking that question.

Noobcook: They have those animal containers in Daiso??? Not fair! I didn't see any the last time I was in Singapore (and I specifically raided about 3 Daiso stores) :( Good for you though.

Beachlover: Spread the bento luuurve... ;)

Tigerfish: Awww sorry! :-/ Well, you get to actually buy nice bento lunches where you are! ;) I really doubt that I would be packing lunches like this if I was back in Singapore or elsewhere in Asia where food is cheap and delicious and so widely available. I'm pretty much forced to be creative over here, heh.

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