Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Another bento update

A few more 'normal' bento for this update (at least that what AP's colleagues call them, "normal lunches" heh).

This was my lunch: a ham and cucumber sandwich in wholemeal bread, blueberries, mango jelly cup and cherry tomatoes. AP's lunch had the same sandwich and tomatoes, but he got a clementine instead of blueberries.


AP's lunch on Friday was an egg and potato salad with a sprig of basil, cherry tomatoes, blueberries and leftovers of the hijiki and edamame nimono.


Today's lunch was back to the frozen onigiri that I made a while ago. Meatballs were store bought and edamame was frozen too. All warmed up in the microwave and put together this morning. Top tier: Meatballs, blueberries and strawberry, with salad leaves underneath. Bottom tier: Onigiri with furikake sprinkles and edamame. The silicon cupcake moulds are one of the best bento accesories I've bought. They are so useful for fitting into whatever odd shaped space that's available.



VeggieGirl said...

Your bento box lunches are always so elegantly presented - almost too pretty to eat! :0)

clover said...

Lovely lunches, as always. Do you put the furikake on the onigiri before you freeze it or after you reheat it?

Mandy said...

wow, I am glad I found your blog. Everything you made look delicious.

Kevin said...

More great looking bentos!

noobcook said...

So beautiful, as usual! Always make me inspired to make bentos after looking at your blog, hee.

didally said...

Very neat and delicious bentos as usual. The husband is crazy over furikake now.

tigerfish said...

Ham and cucumber sandwich is a comfort sandwich to me. Haha..yes..I have a comfort sandwich :)

That jelly cup reminds me of my school days.

ShopLittleGifts said...

Silicon cupcake mold - genius. I am going to start using that. I've been buying the paper kinds. All your bentos look healthy and delish. I think the blueberries and mango jelly is a fun mix!

Nilmandra said...

Veggiegirl, Kevin, Noobcook: Thanks :)

Clover: Thanks! I sprinkle the furikake on after reheating the onigiri.

Mandy: Thanks! Hope you enjoy the rest of the website. I like your icon :)

Didally: LOL. There are plenty of different flavours for him to try!

Tigerfish: Comfort sandwich... lol! Jelly reminds me of parties as lods :D

Shop Little Gifts: The silicon moulds are great for being reusable.

mahek said...

can you tell me the recipe of "egg and potato salad"
great great looking pictures

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