Friday, 11 April 2008

Pan fried aubergine/eggplant with egg

This is a simple dish that I remember from childhood. My mum tends to do most of the cooking but my dad cooks well too and this is one particular dish that I remember from him. And it couldn't be simpler. Just dip slices of aubergine in beaten egg and pan fry. End of recipe.

Pan fried aubergine/eggplant

Ok, ok. I'll write it out properly!


(serves 2 as a side dish)

1 medium aubergine, thinly sliced about 1 cm thick
1 large egg, beaten
1/2 tsp soy sauce
Dash of white pepper
1/4 tsp sesame oil

Sprinkle the aubergine with salt and let stand for 30 minutes to draw out the bitter juices (skip this step if using the long Asian varieties). Rinse and pat dry.

In a large bowl, add the soy sauce pepper and sesame oil into the egg and mix well. Add aubergines to the bowl and let them sit in the egg mixture. Heat a pan with some oil until hot. Fry the aubergine slices on medium heat until both sides are golden and the aubergine cooked through.


Anonymous said...

good for you chiffonade =) *pats you on the head* now you run along now.. shoo! :P

and as for the eggplant! i love that dish! it's so simple, yet sooo delicious! i thought only my mom did that.. but looks like i'm not the only lucky one hehe <3

Nilmandra said...

Thanks, anonymous. I think it's one of those classic home-cooked dishes that people enjoy eating at home but never think too much about it so it doesn't get circulated as such. I like to revisit such dishes and write them down, so that I don't forget them. Not only do they taste good, the memories warm the heart too :)

Hillary said...

This sounds ammmazing. I would never think to do this but yet it seems to fit so well! Would you put tomato sauce on this? I think that sounds good :)

VeggieGirl said...

I just discovered your blog this evening, and I love it!! Your food-photography skills are impeccable!!

noobcook said...

hehe thanks for listing out the proper recipe. I love fuss-free yummy recipes like this so I may try it out soon! :D

Nilmandra said...

Hillary: Aubergine with tomato sauce would be classic Italian treatment and I'm sure it will taste lovely. But it might not do as well with this dish since the tomato sauce might overwhelm the taste of the egg? I'm just guessing!

Veggiegirl: Thanks! I hope you enjoy the other recipes too.

noobcook: You can buy the 'normal' slim brinjal back home so no need to salt etc. That's fuss free to me! :p

didally said...

This looks nice. I like aubergine, what we called brinjals over here. I might try this out soon. :)

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