Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Last week's bento

Mmm. I forgot to update on these before the long Easter break, so here are some not-so-fresh bento.

Tuna and sweetcorn pasta salad with parsley garnish, red peppers and sliced kiwifruit. I liked how the colours worked out in this one.

Leftover rice from dinner usually means fried rice for lunch or dinner the following day. So there was king prawn fried rice with stir fried sugar snap peas and carrots on the side.

Bacon and brie sandwich, tuna and sweetcorn pasta salad (using up the little that was leftover from the other day), and half a clementine.

Teriyaki meatballs, stir fried french beans and carrots, and sushi rice (garnished with black sesame seeds). Sometimes when I don't feel like having plain rice and don't want to bring along any furikake or soy sauce as seasoning, I would season the rice before packing it, mixing it with some rice vinegar, mirin, salt and sugar, turning it into sushi rice. It taste great even without being in a roll or wrapped in nori.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh mine, I just made something almost identical to your tuna and sweet corn pasta salad. Not sure how you made yours but will post mine tomorrow. But mine is not a salad though, why you called yours a salad? Is it because it's a cold dish and you used mayo?

noobcook said...

The bentos all look so delectable. I'm embarrassed that your bentos look so much better than my main full-course meals, ha ha. How did u make the tuna & sweetcorn pasta salad?

tigerfish said...

I love all your bentos! Where can I get those bento containers like yours that has partition to separate those peppers and salad?

Nilmandra said...

Little Corner: A salad is essentially a cold dish of mixed raw or cooked ingredients, such as leafy green vegetables, herbs, chopped vegetables, meat, eggs, cooked pasta, and the dressing can be mayo or something else like oil, vinegar, lemon juice, creme fraiche/yogurt etc. I think it's mainly because it's a cold dish with mixed ingredients, even if it is not mainly green leafy veg (e.g. potato salad, pasta salad). Looking forward to seeing your recipe :)

Noobcook: It's mainly leftover pasta from dinner (I just cooked extra and put them aside). Add a few tbsp of mayo, a can of tuna (flaked into pieces), some sweetcorn (either can or thawed from frozen), salt and pepper to taste and a sprinkle of parsley. I would have added some chopped up sun dried tomatoes too but we ran out. They add a great zing to the creaminess of the mayo.

Tigerfish: That is a Lock n Lock container, with removable inner containers. I have seen them in the UK, US, Singapore and China. They shouldn't be too difficult to find? I wrote an entry about them here. They are really sturdy and not expensive, I love them!

tigerfish said...

Oh yes, I know Lock n Lock. Just that I have missed those that have removable inner containers! Thanks!

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