Saturday, 5 January 2008

A couple of bentos from this week

Beef fried rice surrounded by cherry tomatoes and salad leaves


Ham and mustard quiche with salad and a piggy container of oil and vinegar dressing.



missbliss said...

I'm mesmerised by your lunches! How beautiful and inspirational, I'll be out getting some click'n'lock boxes tomorrow and start doing my lunches justice.

A question: how on earth do you manage to get the sauce into the little containers? And how do you wash the containers out?

All that's left for me to say is the classic: Mr. nilmandra is very lucky indeed.

Nilmandra said...

Thanks, Miss Bliss! I was similarly inspired by the lovely lunches in bento communities that I have seen and decided to diversify from sandwiches! :)

I've found the Lock n Lock boxes to be of a good size for lunches, as well as being sturdy and air/watertight. I do like my other containers as well, especially the traditional Japanese ones (click on the 'bento' tag/category)

I use the 'suction method' to get the sauces into the little containers. Squeeze the bottle to get the air out, maintain the pressure and dip the opening into a small saucer of soy sauce/olive oil/dressing. When you release your fingers, the sauce will get sucked into the container. I use the same method to clean out the containers: suck soapy water into them, shake them a bit and then squeeze the water out, and then do the same with clean water. I tend to use the same containers for the same sauces so it's not crucial for them to be clinically clean since the flavours and smells won't mix.

Mr Nilmandra does show his appreciation :)

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