Friday, 18 January 2008

Bento tally for the week

Sundried tomato cous cous, roast chicken, cherry tomatoes, mango cheddar and edamame.

Top tier: haddock fishcake, onigiri and cherry tomatoes. Bottom tier: Two onigiri, grapes and soy sauce in container.

Top tier: haddock fishcake with Kewpie mayo, cherry tomatoes and grapes. Bottom tier: yakisoba

Char siew (barbeque pork) bun, half a clementine, grapes, red peppers and a container of dip for the peppers.

Rice, cherry tomatoes, and turkey and broccoli stir fry (with chilli bean sauce)


Pixie said...

Adore your bento boxes; edamame is very tasty I've only had it in restaurants. Do you know if they sell it at regular supermarkets or do I have to find an Asian one?

Nilmandra said...

I have only seen podded ones (which I assume are the ones you had in restaurants) in Asian supermarkets. Although you can find Bird's Eye soya beans in the frozen section of most supermarkets. They are quite nice mixed with frozen peas or other veg as a side dish, or even in a curry or stew, and more convenient to eat because they are podless. But then not as fun or interesting compared to the podded ones as an appetiser or snack.

Pixie said...

Ah yes, they were podded ones but have had soya beans which are lovely too. Now, when searching for the podded ones at an Asian supermarket, would it have edamame or a photo of it on the front of package - want to make sure I pick up the right bag! Hubby will have to drive us to Canterbury so I can get to an Asian market...grrrr!!!!

Nilmandra said...

The ones that I have seen in Asian stores would either have pictures of podded edamame on the front of the pack, or a 'window' in the front so you could see what's inside. What a shame you don't have somewhere convenient to get supplies :-/ I really envy people living in London and Manchester!

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