Friday, 21 December 2007

Gammon, cod fishcakes and prawn sandwiches (not at the same time)

Gammon roast on Sunday meant plenty left for lunches.

Gammon pasta salad in honey mustard dressing, garnished with parsley, grapes, mango jelly and mini Babybel cheese.


Two onigiri topped with furikake, grapes as gap fillers, a chocolate truffle, container of soy sauce, honey and mustard gammon and more grapes.


Cod fishcake, stir fried choy sum, cherry tomatoes and rice with furikake


Prawn sandwich with lemon mayo and salad leaves, slices of caerphilly and smoked cheddar cheese, and cherry tomatoes.



Lunch Buckets said...

I googled caerphilly and still don't really know what it is! I'm guessing it might be cheese?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Which flavor of Furikake do you recommend? I wanted to buy but it comes in so many flavors, I ended out didn't know which one to choose!

Nilmandra said...

lunch buckets: Yes, Caerphilly is a British cheese that originated from Wales. It has a creamy taste and slightly crumbly texture.

little corner of mine: I think the one I have is seaweed flavour. I have seen others such as salmon, egg, wasabi, plum and so on. It's really just a matter of taste!

Big Boys Oven said...

OMG! that is a fantastic lunch box, a varity of food, marvellous. I did not told about this when I was studying abroad, alwys end up eating packed sandwiches!

Nilmandra said...

Big Boys Oven: LOL I lived with packed sandwiches (and sometimes the odd quiche or pasta salad) for more than two years before I went 'bento'. It was really a good change :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Just want to wish you a Happy Holidays!

Thanks, I think I will try the seaweed one first... :)

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