Friday, 9 November 2007

Somerset pork

I was going to do chicken stew tonight but was forced to change plans when I got to Sainsbury's. Apparently one of their depots was unexpectedly closed last night which meant they didn't have any delivery of fresh produce today, resulting in almost half of all fruit and veg shelves being empty. Amongst other things, there were no mushrooms and no leeks, which I needed. (Andy reckoned it might have to do with the storm surge in East Anglia and the area having been evacuated last night and this morning.)

So we had somerset pork casserole for dinner instead. Pork and bramley apples (from the garden), buttered new potatoes and steamed baby sweetcorn and mange tout, finished off with chopped parsley. I must admit I used a Schwartz mix, but at least it didn't have any funky E numbers or unpronounceable items in the ingredients list.

Somerset pork casserole

Hopefully we will get chicken stew tomorrow!

(I could have added a teaspoon (or two) of marmite to the pork casserole... But I think Andy would have killed me.)


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