Thursday, 8 November 2007

Mutant aubergine

Mutant aubergine?

I bought this aubergine (eggplant) from the farmers market last weekend. I initially saw the 'cleavage' and thought it was an aubergine that failed to be twins, and then the sticky out bit (trying to be a third fruit?).

If I had black eye peas on hand, I would have stuck two in above the 'nose'. Or one could think of something more rude, I'm sure...

Cooked this a few nights ago, thinly sliced, dipped in egg (seasoned with light soy sauce and white pepper) and pan fried. Yum. So delicious that we ate it all before I could take a photo.

A friend pointed out that Esther Rantzen would have loved this veg. She was a TV personality/presenter with this show called That's Life years ago. They had a section where viewers sent in odd shaped (and just plain rude-shaped!) vegetables.


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