Monday, 19 November 2007

Melon with parma ham

We had some friends over for dinner during the weekend. I didn't want to spend too much time in the kitchen while people were having fun elsewhere. The best thing to do would be for a no-fuss no-cook starter and a main course that could be cooked in advance.

For starter, we had melon wrapped in parma ham and drizzled with some extra virgin olive oil. Very fresh and clean tasting with a savoury touch. My thumb slipped on the olive oil so there was too much on the plate. Oops.
Melon with parma

Main course was chicken and chorizo pasta based on a recipe here. Cooked earlier in the afternoon and then reheated while waiting for the pasta to cook just before serving.

Dessert was an utterly sinful dark chocolate fondant torte from that left us barely able to move after that (with half the pudding left!). You know how most boxed desserts often have suggested serving sizes that are utterly impractical (e.g. 'Serves 8' when it would serve 4 or 6). In this case, it said something like serves 8 skinny slices, 6 regular slices or 4 greedy slices. And believe me, it would have been more like 4 'sick' slices. There were four of us and we could hardly move after having had half of the torte. Our tongues felt like they were stuck to the roofs of our mouths after the first bite, the chocolate was so dense and rich. No photos of the main course or pudding because we were too intent on eating it! If you like dark chocolate, go for it.


Maco said...

I'm new to your blog . :) I'm Japanese.
Looks so delicious. :D I enjoy reading your blog. I don't know why I'm getting hungry. ;)

Nilmandra said...

Hi Maco. Thanks for dropping by :) I get hungry when I read other food blogs too hehe.

Keropok Man said...

how interesting to wrap ham over fruits. I have never tried that before.

i would like to try that one day. :-)

Nilmandra said...

Hi keropok man, give it a try, it's really quite yummy :) I've never tried cooking with fruit till I came here. Like pork and apple and peaches with other meat.

Love your photos btw.

Keropok Man said...

Might try it for Christmas dinner this year.

Oh ya, I remember tasting Pork and Apple soup. But somehow, in my head, fruits are for eating straight. haha.. must change my mindset.

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