Friday, 30 November 2007

Bento tally

A chicken fajita bento. Chicken and peppers fajita filling, grapes, a flour tortilla loosely rolled up, small container of tomato salsa and a mini Babybel cheese.


Leftover claypot rice (with chicken, shitake, bacon and spring onions) on bottom tier. Top tier: crabsticks on a bed of edemama, half a satsuma orange and grapes.


Prawn and egg fried rice, stir fried green beans and garlics in garlic sauce, and cherry tomatoes.


Soft rolls filled with marmalade ham and salad leaves, a satsuma orange, cherry tomatoes and caerphilly cheese.



Keropok Man said...

I am in awe that you have time to prepare such nice bento sets.

It's something that people in Malaysia and Singapore do not do.

Nilmandra said...

You're right. I probably wouldn't have even started on bento if I was back in Singapore because food is so readily and cheaply available. It's more expensive to do so here, unless I want to be eating cafe/store bought sandwiches everyday... And even then it's cheaper to bring my own! But then I do have a couple of friends who are doing it in Singapore mainly because of special diet.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Cute! I finally did a bento few days ago, not for lunch but for my dinner because the bento box I got is not for microwave use.

Nilmandra said...

Most of my bento boxes are not microwavable either, except for my tupperware and Lock n Lock boxes. I don't have access to a microwave at work anyway so my lunches have to be eaten at room temperature. I had to change my mindset a bit regarding not eating food hot, like in the past I would never eat bee hoon, fried rice or noodles unless they are hot but now I find they still taste good (although still taste better hot :p ).

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