Saturday, 17 November 2007

Bento tally for the week

Catching up on bento made and eaten this past week:

Top tier: potato salad with spring onions and edamame. Bottom tier: Prawn fishcake, cherry tomatoes and container of ketchup

It's getting pretty cold now and it would be really nice to have a hot lunch... Woe is me that there is no microwave at work. I think it's time to bring a thermos of soup into work again soon. Top tier: A small bread roll cut in half and a chocolate heart. Bottom tier: Cherry tomatoes, melon, container of butter for the bread and garlic and coriander cheese. Chunky vegetable soup in the thermos flask.

Top tier: Scotch egg cut in half with parsley garnish and cherry tomatoes. Bottom tier: Lemon and parsley cous cous with a cherry tomato.

King prawn fried rice, french beans omelette and stir fried french beans and carrots.


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