Thursday, 4 October 2007

Bento tally

An update for this week:

Monday's lunch was knocked together quite quickly on Sunday night (after getting back from the wedding). Top tier: grapes, mini babybel cheese and two milk chocolate hearts (wedding favours). Bottom tier: cous cous with courgettes, red peppers and coriander.


I really liked how Tuesday's lunch turned out with a great range of colours. Yummy too. Bottom tier: soba noodles. Top tier: Salmon fishcakes, strawberries and a container of tartar sauce. A side container of soba sauce and sliced spring onions in the lid to be added to soba sauce when eating (so that they don't get soggy sitting in the sauce).


Wednesday's lunch is more conventional. Half a clementine, some strawberries and sandwiches (egg mayonnaise with salad leaves in multi-seeded bread).


Sandwiches again for today's lunch. Both of ours were similar except I had one onigiri and smaller sandwich (because I ran out of bread for both of us). Top tier: strawberries, flower shaped onigiri with furikake topping, and edamame. Bottom tier: smoked ham and salad leaves on multi-seeded bread, lemon pepper cheese and container of soy sauce for the onigiri.



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