Friday, 19 October 2007

Bento tally

Andy and I are going down to Kent for a week on holiday with the in-laws. In the mean time, there will be no internet access till Wednesday evening when we get home. So I leave you with this week's bento tally:

My lunch on Monday - Top tier: sundried tomato cous cous with parsley garnish. Bottom tier: Grilled chicken on salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, double gloucester cheese and a chocolate truffle.


Andy's lunch was about the same, except he got more cheese (which he loves). I think I'll stick with my chocolate, thank you very much ;)


Tuesday's lunch was for Andy, leftovers from Monday's dinner: three mushroom rice cooked with shitake, shimeiji, oyster mushrooms and tofu puffs, stir fried mange tout and a hard boiled egg.


I miss the Chinese bakeries in Singapore was delighted to find that Hanson's (local Asian supermarket) have started stocking some items. Nowhere like Breadtalk or PrimaDeli; very limited amounts and variety but at the moment I'm easy to please :) Wednesday's lunch was spring onion bread, beetroot salad with a piggy of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and slices of golden plum.


Bread needed to eaten before we went on holiday, so it's been sandwiches for lunch. Yesterday: Baked hampshire ham and sliced cucumbers in multigrain bread, cherry tomatoes, edamame and a mango jelly. Not terribly exciting but at least it's healthy (with a treat too).


This one was for Andy today. More of the same except with sliced kiwifruit.



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