Monday, 1 October 2007

Bento tally for last week

Finally found some time to post these.

My lunch on Tuesday: Inari-zushi with tamagoyaki topping. Smoked salmon and avocado on mixed salad. Small container of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing and a bottle of soy sauce. Grapes on the side.


Andy was away on course on Tuesday and we were having a late dinner so I made a snack bento for him. Top tier: cherry tomatoes and cucumber batons. Bottom tier: Heart-shaped and flower-shaped onigiri with egg filling and furikake topping, divided by a mango jelly.


Wednesday's lunch, same for us both: Honey roasted ham and salad leaves in whole grain submarine roll. Cherry tomatoes on the side and sliced kiwi fruit in a separate container.


We were both home for lunch on Thursday so on to Friday: Potato salad with diced cucumbers, spring onions and honey roast ham on a bed of mixed salad leaves. Cherry tomatoes and skewers of tamagoyaki on the side. Not shown: side container of grapes.



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