Friday, 21 September 2007

eBay encounters

Some bits of excitment this week when I got more bentos goodies delivered from Japan. Picks and various sauce bottles.



There were some problems with one of the orders. I bought them more than a month ago from eBay but the package just never came. After almost 4 weeks of waiting (to allow for customs or other delays), the seller and I had to conclude that it had gotten lost in the post. I was quite disappointed but not too upset because it wasn't something terribly important and was just a few pounds really (which was why I didn't bother with postal insurance). The seller had been very good with communication as well, which was always reassuring and one didn't wonder if it had been a rip off.

The surprising thing was she then actually offered to send me a replacement package. I was just going to put it down to bad luck and try to buy the items again because the listings stated that she cannot be responsible for uninsured parcels that are lost or damaged. It was a really kind gesture on her part and really unexpected. This time the replacement package arrived in 4 days! And the seller even put in some extra picks to compensate for the problems (which wasn't her fault at all). The only thing she asked was that I don't mention it on her eBay feedback since she cannot promise to do it for everyone.

It's always nice to be surprised by random acts of kindness :)


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