Friday, 21 September 2007

Bento tally for the week

Entirely different lunches for Andy and me on Monday because I was silly and didn't buy enough potatoes for salad. We got back from a weekend away late on Sunday evening and I was completely beat. It would have been the perfect opportunity to have hard boil eggs in the potato salad and make nori faces too but I didn't the energy and only just managed to throw this together after a quick supper.On the left: cherry tomatoes, edamame and a mini Babybel cheese. On the right: potato salad.


My lunch was done on Monday morning after breakfast. Top tier contains cherry tomatoes and a prawn fishcake on a bed of watercress. Bottom tier contains cold soba noodles topped with sesame seeds. Soba sauce in a separate container is not pictured.


Tuesday's lunch was yakiudon with fishcake, carrots and spring onions in the bottom tier. Top tier: three gyozas, a fish container of dark vinegar and a cucumber, seaweed and crabstick salad. Blueberries in a sidecar.


We bought some gorgeous homemade mushroom pate from the London Borough Market over the weekend and that went into the lunch boxes on Wednesday, along with sundried tomato pita bread that had to be eaten (clearing the freezer for defrosting). Pita bread went into the bottom tier. Pate is on the top tier on the side, garnished with some basil leaves, along with some edamame and crabsticks on my new too-cute picks.


AP's lunch is almost the same. Sundried tomato pita bread on the left, a small container of mushroom pate and cherry tomatoes, and cucumber sticks on the side. Two mango jellies and a random cherry tomato went down the middle.


Yesterday's lunch was chicken teriyaki on top of rice. On the side: steamed spinach topped with fried ikan bilis (anchovies) and two cherry tomatoes.


And for today:


Top tier is chicken and leek gyoza, a fish container of dark vinegar and tamagoyaki.


Bottom tier holds fried rice with peas and stewed fried tofu.



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