Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Wonton noodles

I made wontons for dinner yesterday. Bought some fresh wonton wrappers as well as fresh egg noodles (just like the ones at the noodles stalls) from Hanson's, and thankfully managed to get pork mince and raw prawns at Sainsbury's. These are not always available because prawns tend to be sold cooked (wtf) to be used in salads and sandwiches (these Brits don't know how to treat seafood with respect, I tell you) and minced meat tend to be beef rather than pork.

Anyway, here's the result: wontons in soup, egg noodles tossed in oyster sauce, dark soy and an assortment of yummy oils, and steamed bok choy in oyster sauce. The only thing lacking was pickled green chillies in soy sauce :(

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The noodles tasted good. The bak choy was normal, I've made it hundreds of times. The wontons on the other hand didn't turn out as great. I think I didn't season it enough and the pork might actually have been too lean! (I bought extra lean mince) So it tasted too meaty and not tender enough. Or I didn't put in enough cornflour as seasoning. Anyway, Andy doesn't mind eating my various experiments :)


danny kwok said...

hmm..I am looking out to make pickled green chillies too. Very essential for hor fun and wantan mee. Any recipe to suggest on that?

Nilmandra said...

Danny: Yes, I found a few recipes online and then tweaked them to my liking. I have blogged about it here.

danny kwok said...

Fantastic..I was searching of it just now....thanks for the link!

Uncle Phil said...

Hi Nilmandra,
Greetings from Sydney. I came across your blog through Danny. Wow, what a nice blog! I like your food photography too..You have given meaning to the phase 'comfort food' Thank you.

Nilmandra said...

Uncle Phil: Thanks for dropping by and the kind comment. I do enjoy recreating food that I enjoy and miss from home. Hope you'll find some good recipes here :)

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