Thursday, 2 August 2007

Imperial to metric (aka: well, if NASA could make the same mistake...)

Lemon cream pie didn't quite happen on Tuesday evening... I've made it before so I knew what it's supposed to be like and when I was beating the lemon, jelly and condensed milk mixture, it just didn't seem quite right. Way too fluid and it didn't thicken no matter how long I was beating it (and spraying all over, ugh).

The original recipe was from Andy's grandmother so everything was in pints and ounces. Fine, I'll just convert them into ml. 1 pint = 568ml and I wrote that down to bring into the kitchen. The error occured when I then forgot to divide that figure by 4 because it called for 1/4 pint of hot water, instead of a full pint.


No wonder it was much more fluid that I remembered and it didn't set by the time we had to go out for dinner. So Andy and I popped into Sainsbury on the way and bought a chocolate tart instead. It's not all bad because we bought the most sinful and rich chocolate torte from (senses overload) but really annoying because I was really wanting to bring something I made. It was a bit of a surprise to find that the lemon cream filling had actually set when we got home that evening, so it just took longer than normal (usually 30-45 mins in the fridge). We had some for pudding last night and it still tasted great. Just slightly less intense and more mousse-like texture. We've eaten eaten a quarter of it though between the three of us... Thinking what to do with it over the next few days... (It's a huge flan dish and taking up tonnes of precious space in the fridge).


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